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Aim For Adventure

We understand your need to be outdoors tracking that elusive prey. Whether your adventure takes you through a wooded wilderness or cool, contemporary kitchen, we can enhance your experience.

Live The Lifestyle

We value your desire to create wholesome and healthy sausages and meals for your family and friends. High Caliber Products can easily make the tasty jerky your kids will love or the products that your guests will rave about long after the bbq is over. You demand high quality ingredients and understand the effort involved in making that memorable meal.

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Trust The Tradition

We understand the satisfaction in creating time-honored family recipes, but occasionally need a change of pace. Let our High Caliber Spice Blends help you re-create the tradition or try a new flavor. We will be with you every step of the way.

If you are a part time hobbyist or in need of general assistance in your sausage making or butchering processes, High Caliber offers informative and fun classes that teach ‘hands on’ technique that you can pass down for generations to come!
High Caliber’s very own unique Sausage Making Classes provide an easy-going atmosphere for the novice sausage artist but can still challenge the experienced sausage-making veteran. Click here to find out more about the classes!


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