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Jerky & Burger Spices & Seasoning for Sale in Canada

If we had to choose a flagship jerky spice flavour it would have to be “Hot and Sweet”. No, make that “Alberta Beef”. Actually, scratch that, definitely “Cowboy”, that’s us, hootin’ and a hollerin’ and a makin’ up a batch of jerky for the next campout. No matter which one you choose, they’re all tried and tested and locally loved!

Weekend warriors will love our High Caliber 5 lb sausage stuffer. Produce perfect sausages easily and yield the best appearance and “bite”. This convenient small capacity meat stuffer is ideal for sausage artists, small batches or newcomers to the hobby. If you’ve been stuffin’ for a while and you’re ready to upgrade, we’ve got bigger “stuff” for you too! Check out our 20 lb sausage stuffer or full-line of our line of Trespade Stuffers. These sleek units are built for serious sausage production. Heavy-duty gears process any type of sausage smoothly and efficiently.

We carry a complete line of accessories and tubes, get the sizes you need for making smaller caliber sausage like pepperoni and breakfast links.

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Sausage Seasoning & Spices. Our unique High Caliber Sausage Blends are perfect for home production.

Stainless Steel Meat Stuffer Tubes. A variety of sizes and sets to fit your stuffer and maximize its capabilities.

Sausage Casings. Pretty hard to stuff a sausage if you don’t have a casing! Natural casings, collagen casings,

fibrous casings or cooking casings – we carry them all!

Meat Grinders & Meat Mixers. High Caliber has all the meat processing equipment you need, whether you’re making sausage at home or running a commercial kitchen.

Sausage Making Kits. We have put together two complete kits, one for the starter sausage maker and our “Deluxe Dude” kit, ideal for the more “seasoned” sausage maker.

If sausage making is new to you, you’re going to want to bookmark our website. “Stuffed” full with tips and tricks compiled by those in the know, it contains hands-on useful resources like:

Sausage Making Recipe Cards. Printable, step-by-step directions for all your flavour favourites!

Sausage Making Cheat Sheet. Print this off and keep it with your equipment.

Online Spice Calculator. You love making sausage but you hate doing math… plug your numbers into this handy tool and we do the math for you!

We are Alberta’s source for one stop shopping when it comes to butcher and hunter supplies.

Visit us at one of our stores in Edmonton or Calgary or give our knowledgeable staff a call. During store hours, feel free to call and ask questions and even order over the phone! What are you waiting for? Even the call is free, 1-877-736-7287.


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